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Our clinic has over 15 years’ experience working with a large number of companies to protect both them and their staff through thorough medical examinations.

The benefits of using GP Matters include:
Assessments can be customised to meet your exact HR requirements
We offer a flexible ‘on-demand’ service to fit in best with you

Our assessments can include the following tests:
- A lifestyle and medical history questionnaire and discussion
- Height, weight and blood pressure tests
- General screening including cholesterol test, full blood count, liver test, etc.
- Cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, orthopaedic and gastrointestinal assessments
- Vision and hearing checks
- An electrocardiogram (ECG) to check for heart problems
- Chest Xray

We will customize this basic package and add any specific tests or assessments your organisation needs.

The following medical are available at our Glasgow Clinic:

  • • Saipem Medical
  • • Qatargas Medical
  • • Qatar Petroleum Medical
  • • Qatar Energy Medical
  • • Petronas Medical
  • • Garda Medical
  • • BP Medical
  • • GE Medical
  • • NES Fircroft Medical
  • • Other Medicals


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